Together we pave the paths we are on. Here is a quote handed to me in Asheville, North Carolina.

"You are who you are today as a result of the choices that you made yesterday. You will be who you are tomorrow as a result of the choices that you make today. If you do not want to be tomorrow like who you are today, then do not do today the same as you did yesterday. If your attitude remains the same your choices will never change."

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Giving it a Go, I like it!!!

Every time I wait for a bus, take a train, sit in an airport, it is much like this. The 'Give it a Go' badge sometimes helps, but just opening the conversation is usually all that is needed. Go ahead, Give it a Go!

Kate Tempest and I met because of my 'Give it a Go' badge!

Check out this great video

A sign of the times? We do have the power to change.

A bit too close for comfort!!

This Video sums much of it up.

Simon Sinek talks about many of the problems confronting the overuse of technology today. 

Time to rethink our growing addiction to technology.

A young doctor who works with children, is coming to the conclusion that the mobile phone is quite detrimental to young minds. "An hour a day, then put it away," is what he says. Are you ready to Give it a Go?